Book Review: Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?

By Adam Bicksler

Timothy Verstynen and Bradley Voytek are neuroscience professors at Carnegie Mellon University and UC San Diego, respectively. Recently, they hosted an AMA (“ask me book cover zombiesanything”) on the popular aggregate website reddit. “Together,” they explain, “we wrote Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep[?: A Neuroscientific View of the Zombie Brain], a book that tries to use zombies to teach the complexities of neuroscience and science history in an approachable way (while also poking a bit of fun at our field). In our real research we study motor control… and the role that neural oscillations play in shaping neural network communication, spiking activity, and human cognition.” The tongue-in-cheek title is inspired by Philip K. Dick’s fantastic, quintessential novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Continue reading


Book Review: A Land of One’s Own

By Adam Bicksler

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Lev Grossman, born 1969, is a senior writer and book critic at Time magazine. Most notably, he is the author of the acclaimed New York Times bestselling Magicians trilogy. Fans of the series can stop holding their breath: the third and final installment, The Magician’s Land, has arrived! Continue reading