Commentary: Snow White and Her Multiple Personalities

By Adam Bicksler

Snow White: the quintessential Disney Princess. What more can be said about her?

snow_white001Apparently, a lot.

One of’s recent pieces, titled “Snow White: The Blankest Slate of Them All” by Natalie Zutter and Emily Asher-Perrin, concludes that Snow White is ultimately the most relatable Princess of them all. As noted in the title, Snow White owes her relatability to her characteristic, or should I say non-characteristic, of being a blank slate. Continue reading


Interview: Chris Grano – Zahatar

By Breeann Kirby

zahatar band
photo by Gabriele Woolever

Zahatar is an acoustic string band in the Fort Collins, Colorado area that seeks to bring “modern spice to timeless tunes.” Drawing on themes from diverse traditions such as Celtic, Chinese and Spanish folk tunes, classical compositions, and bluegrass, members arrange all of their own music and compose much of it. Currently, the band consists of founding members Chris Grano (violin, arrangement, composer), Scott Stewart (viola, arrangement, composer), and Sarah Hoskins (cello). They’ve recently expanded the band’s roster for the purposes of The Little Country Project to include Shilo Stroman (percussion), ‘Cille Lutsch (flute, pennywhistle), and Emily Smith (harp). Continue reading

Book Review: DC Comics’ Injustice Gods Among Us

By Jessica Wright


A new story for the ages!

The latest Batman/Superman revamp, Injustice Gods Among Us, was released in two parts earlier this year as a prequel to the hit video game. Each hardcover volume, of which there are two thus far, contains 6 parts of the series where our favorite comic superheroes and heroines, villains and worlds have been recreated in some very unexpected ways. The amazing artwork and provocative storyline makes this graphic series an addictive page-turner. Continue reading

Event Review: Melissa Marr Book Signing

By Ameerah Holliday

Made For You book coverMysterious Galaxy is a unique bookstore after all not many places have green walls and aliens on their signs. When I walked in to the store on October 5th, for the signing of Made For You, the latest novel by bestselling author Melissa Marr, I was immediately greeted by two things: an Edgar Allen Poe lunchbox and a very excited employee wearing a “Need a hug?” tee shirt. I knew this signing was going to be interesting.

Before Marr arrived I explored the intimate bookstore on my own. The store itself was warm and friendly, more like a home library than a business. During my exploration of the Galaxy I overheard hushed conversions about upcoming signings, the plethora of books surrounding us, and of course, Melissa Marr. Continue reading

Book Review: John Scalzi’s “Lock In”

By Breeann Kirby

scalzi lock inJohn Scalzi, an active blogger since 1998, has been writing things for decades that make people laugh, think, engage, and, above all, connect with each other. He has won numerous awards for his works, including the Hugo (multiple Hugos in multiple categories, actually). Though he is prolific in both his fiction and nonfiction endeavors, Scalzi also takes the time to be an advocate for other authors, booksellers, and readers in the writing community. For Scalzi, humans connecting to each other and the larger community is valuable whether via the text of a book, cyberspace, or physical life. Continue reading

Commentary: Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale Review

By Ameerah Holliday

The original article by H. Shaw-Williams can be found here.

I hope that as the next season airs we are left with less time to question the writer’s decisions and simply enjoy the adventurous Beacon Hills lifestyle.

The popular television show Teen Wolf aired its latest season this summer and much like reviewer H. Shaw-Williams, many fans were left with more questions than answers as season four came to a close. With unnecessary plot twists and the sporadic introduction of new storylines, many people were left feeling as Williams did: that as the season progressed it lacked the action and excitement that the first episode seemed to promise the fans of this popular MTV show. Although Williams seems a little harsh in suggesting that this show should come to a close, the points presented in this review do hold some merit and I do agree. Continue reading

Event Review: Conjecture 2014/ConChord 26

By Breeann Kirby

sue dawe conjecture
art by Sue Dawe

The Town and Country Convention Center in San Diego, doesn’t feel as if it sits in the corner of the merge between I8 and I163. Rather, in an aging grandeur you don’t see in steel and stone modern hotels, it provided a surprising oasis of calm and greenery. While walking between potted ferns and stone lions, over floral carpets and under crystal chandeliers, I felt transported to a place where a steampunk pirate captain or corseted vampire may appear any moment. And, in fact, they did. It was the perfect setting for Conjecture 2014/ConChord 26. Continue reading