Interview: L. Divine

By Ameerah Holliday

191066The Drama High Series follows Jayd Jackson, a strong willed teenage girl through her life and experiences in her Los Angeles high school. Jayd however is not like any other teenager, she’s a voodoo queen in training. Mixing magic with cultural history and high school drama, L. Divine’s series has everything and more. Drama High is a relatable novel that seeks to entertain, educate and inspire its readers of all ages.

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Interview: Rob Latham

By Adam Bicksler

Robert RobLatham is a tenured professor of English at UC Riverside. He is also an editor and contributor to the journal Science Fiction Studies. Latham is a major player in the formation of the Science Fiction and Technoculture Studies PhD concentration within the UC Riverside English department.

In October, Latham saw a labor-of-love come to fruition with the publication of The Oxford Handbook of Science Fiction, a behemoth of an anthology that he edited for two years. Latham is also one of the editors for 2010’s The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction and the author of 2002’s Consuming Youth: Vampires, Cyborgs, and the Culture of Consumption. Continue reading

Interview: Kelly Creagh

By Ameerah Holliday

Nevermore CoverWhen the typical, popular high school cheerleader teams up with the school’s goth outcast, things are bound be interesting, but when that pair is swept into the chaotic and mysterious world of Edgar Allen Poe then it’s bound to be Kelly Creagh’s Nevermore Trilogy. This Trilogy revolves around cheerleader Isobel Lanley and school outcast Varen Nethers who are paired together in their English class for a project on Edgar Allen Poe. While working together they discover far more about each other and Poe than ever expected, as they are mysteriously transported into the stories and mysteries of Edgar Allen Poe.

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Interview: Chris Grano – Zahatar

By Breeann Kirby

zahatar band
photo by Gabriele Woolever

Zahatar is an acoustic string band in the Fort Collins, Colorado area that seeks to bring “modern spice to timeless tunes.” Drawing on themes from diverse traditions such as Celtic, Chinese and Spanish folk tunes, classical compositions, and bluegrass, members arrange all of their own music and compose much of it. Currently, the band consists of founding members Chris Grano (violin, arrangement, composer), Scott Stewart (viola, arrangement, composer), and Sarah Hoskins (cello). They’ve recently expanded the band’s roster for the purposes of The Little Country Project to include Shilo Stroman (percussion), ‘Cille Lutsch (flute, pennywhistle), and Emily Smith (harp). Continue reading

Interview: Jacquelyn Phillips

By Jessica Wright

Jacquelyn Phillips in New York at an open-mic reading of Cat and Mouse
Jacquelyn Phillips in New York at an open-mic reading of Cat and Mouse

Jacquelyn Phillips is an editor, student, and writer. Currently in the MFA program at San Diego State University, Jackie aspires to be the next top author. She was the editor-in-chief for the Spring 2014 edition of the pacificREVIEW, which was the highest grossing pacificREVIEW to date. Additionally, she is a co-creator of the online literary journal The Wardrobe, where she continues to edit and write. Her bubbly personality and limitless stores of energy keep her upbeat and constantly involved in one or more projects as well as a pleasure to interact with. Currently, Jackie is in the final revision stages of her adult novel, Cat and Mouse, the pacificREVIEW, and online at The Wardrobe. Readers can find Jacquelyn on Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading