Book Review: Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

By Ameerah Holliday
twilightAs a recovering “Twi-hard” I was fully aware of the approaching tenth anniversary of Twilight. However, when the novel’s author Stephenie Meyer announced a “surprise” release of a Twilight book I had no doubts as to what it would be. In 2008 Midnight Sun, a retelling of Twilight from Edward’s perspective was illegally leaked onto the internet. Meyer was devastated by the leak and proclaimed that the novel would remain unfinished because of it. However, it seemed as though after seven years she may have finally changed her mind and the Twi-hard fandom rejoiced in the possibility. However, her fans were mistaken.
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Book Review: Uprooted

By Jessica Wright

Uprooted-Cover-2Award winning author Naomi Novik is no stranger to the literary fantasy world. A first generation American, Novik is the author of the popular Temeraire series that includes the novels His Majesty’s Dragon and the New York Times bestseller Empire of Ivory. She will be concluding the Temeraire series next year with its ninth and final novel and her latest stand-alone novel, Uprooted, was released in May 2015. Uprooted transports the reader into a world full of magic and darkness while exploring the complexities of young adulthood and human relationships.

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Book Review: Dorothy Must Die

By Ameerah Holliday

Before her explorations of Oz began, Danielle Paige  worked in the televisionDanielle Paige industry, receiving the Writers Guild of America Award and several Daytime Emmy nominations. A graduate of Columbia University, Paige currently resides in New York, where she has reimagined a classic story and taken us back into Oz. Dorothy Must Die  is Paige’s very first Young Adult novel and the start of a very unique series. The novel, published in April 2014, has since been nominated for a 2014 Book Shimmy Award and its story continues to grow with two prequel novellas No Place Like Home and The Witch Must Burn as well as a highly anticipated sequel.

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Book Review: Thorn Jack

By Jessica Wright

thorn-jack-225Earlier this year Katherine Harbour burst into the literary world with the release of her first novel, Thorn Jack, the first book of the Night and Nothing series. Despite this being her first book, Thorn Jack not only is beautifully written but also is a story that will remind the reader of why faerie tales are timeless pieces of literature. Harbour grew up in Albany, New York and currently resides in Sarasota, Florida. In addition to writing, Harbour enjoys oil painting and likes to keep an open mind about the existence of faeries.

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Book Review: Jen Wang and Cory Doctorow’s “In Real Life”

By Breeann Kirby

InRealLifeCoryDoctorow cover
©Jen Wang, used with permission of First Second Books

In the collaborative adaption of his short story “Anda’s Game” (published originally in Salon nearly a decade ago) to a young adult graphic novel (published by First Second,  14 October 2014), Cory Doctorow freely acknowledges that Jen Wang did “all the heavy lifting in the adaptation” and though he “wrote the underlying story and edited her script and […] implementation […] Jen is the true soul of the graphic novel.” In a separate interview with Comics Alliance, Wang adds, “There were about eight or so drafts, with the first one being closest to the original story. With each draft I pushed a little further into new territory […] the details changed, and I added a third Act where we see what happens after Anda decides to help Raymond.” Wang’s adaptive changes make In Real Life an important and compelling read for both the young reader as well as the adult reader who wants to reconnect with hope in humanity and second chances. Continue reading

Book Review: Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?

By Adam Bicksler

Timothy Verstynen and Bradley Voytek are neuroscience professors at Carnegie Mellon University and UC San Diego, respectively. Recently, they hosted an AMA (“ask me book cover zombiesanything”) on the popular aggregate website reddit. “Together,” they explain, “we wrote Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep[?: A Neuroscientific View of the Zombie Brain], a book that tries to use zombies to teach the complexities of neuroscience and science history in an approachable way (while also poking a bit of fun at our field). In our real research we study motor control… and the role that neural oscillations play in shaping neural network communication, spiking activity, and human cognition.” The tongue-in-cheek title is inspired by Philip K. Dick’s fantastic, quintessential novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Continue reading

Book Review: DC Comics’ Injustice Gods Among Us

By Jessica Wright


A new story for the ages!

The latest Batman/Superman revamp, Injustice Gods Among Us, was released in two parts earlier this year as a prequel to the hit video game. Each hardcover volume, of which there are two thus far, contains 6 parts of the series where our favorite comic superheroes and heroines, villains and worlds have been recreated in some very unexpected ways. The amazing artwork and provocative storyline makes this graphic series an addictive page-turner. Continue reading