Event Review: Comic-Con International 2015

By Ameerah Holliday

COMIC-CON-LOGO Comic-Con International is more than just a five day event, it’s an experience people prepare extensively for and this year was no exception. With the rumors of the convention leaving San Diego finally settled (it will be staying for two more years) the excitement simply emanated from all who participated in the event. Comic-Con is an international convention that takes place in San Diego, California over one hectic four day weekend (with a special Wednesday preview event) during the summer. The convention brings together people from across the globe that have a passion for all things fantasy, science fiction and comic book related. This year’s convention featured the highly anticipated return of the Star Wars film franchise. The entire convention buzzed with Stormtrooper and Darth Vader cosplayers around every corner, and the Lucasfilms panel was one of the most anticipated of the weekend.

filled with incredible people and fascinating fans, there to immerse themselves in the worlds they love

With a short screening of the new film and a panel with a few of the actors and directors of the latest Star Wars movie, fans with their lightsabers in hand could not be contained. They were also surprised with a special orchestra performance of the famed Star Wars music from past films. Lucasfilms’ inclusion in the convention after a hiatus of a few years proved to be exactly what their fans needed, and re-ignite a love for the franchise.

Harley Quinn cosplay

With Star Wars being the highlight of many peoples’ weekend, there was still a very obvious hole in the ultimate “Con” experience as Marvel was not present for the event for the first time in years. Marvel’s absence was not ignored as fans held signs in protest that read things like “Vader hates Marvel.” Although their official presence was missing, the fans kept the spirit alive, in incredible cosplays of many of the Marvel characters. There was also an attempt at keeping the Marvel spirit with a small exhibition booth, signings, photos with famous Marvel contributor Stan Lee and a panel for the film Fantastic Four. However, as a five year Comic-Con attendee, it was quite obvious that the full Marvel experience was missing. Overall, this year’s Comic-Con was crazier than it has ever been. As a friend of a few epic cosplayers, this year’s convention seemed to the most exciting one yet. With live tapings of shows like Conan and the MTV Fandom Awards, as well as scavenger hunts, Walking Dead experience events and masquerades taking place right in the middle of the convention, there was hardly time to catch your breath. As the lines for Hall H were astonishingly short this year, the convention still proved to be filled with incredible people and fascinating fans, there to immerse themselves in the worlds they love for one incredible weekend.

Houston Rockets player Dwright Howard in Predator cosplay.

With new shows emerging like Damien and Scream Queens and the return of fandoms like Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer the crowds this year were wild, exciting and completely unique. With everything from flash mob proposals to “cult” type protest to surprise celebrity appearances this Comic-Con was the epitome of fandom, and with the buzz surrounding it now fading away we can’t help but get excited for next year! Comic-Con 2016 will take place July 21 through 24 in San Diego, California.


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